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Hi! My name is Atman!

Hi! My name is Atman!

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Atman Sheth is a Mumbai based Music Producer and Audio Engineer with 10+ years of industry experience. He graduated from world-renowned international music institution Berklee College of Music with a Master’s in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation, also earning the school’s “Best New Electronic Music Producer” Award in 2019.


Atman has produced and mixed over a thousand tracks crossing more than 30 million plays across YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and other streaming platforms. He has worked with hundreds of award-winning musicians from over 30 countries around the world including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Belgium, and so many more, helping artists develop their signature sound and bring their productions to life with an advanced & modern approach to mixing. His diverse discography also includes having worked with many award-winning artists including legendary Grammy-awardee Ustad Zakir Hussain and John Mclaughlin.


Atman is a 5-star rated audio engineer with 'Top Rated Seller' badge on highly regarded freelancing platform, with over 300 positive reviews and has extensive experience working with multiple genres such as Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, EDM, Classical, Country, Indian, World, and many others. Throughout his journey, he has worked at multiple studios and production facilities in India, Spain, and the US and continues to contribute to singles, albums, jingles, podcasts, short films, video game audio and many other projects. Get in touch with Atman now to learn how he can help you bring your vision to life!

You can find Atman's résumé here.

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"It was a wonderful experience working with this guy. Quick to respond. He grabs what I am trying to ask instantly even if I struggle to describe through words what I have in my head. He is very involved like it's his own song. He wants to do the best and wants to get the best out of us. He encouraged me to redo certain parts, where he didn't have to. I can see his love and passion for the art with that kind of involvement. Definitely will be a regular customer. Great experience! "

- Madhusshanm (Sri Lanka)

"I don´t write reviews very often, but in this case, it is very easy to do! Atman mixed a mastered my whole acoustic - singer-songwriter album. I am so grateful that I could work with him. Everything was more than perfect and I really got the best care I could ever imagine. Atman's mixing and mastering skills are totally high end. He exactly knows what he does with his craft. At the same time, he is a very sensitive artist, who naturally felt what my songs needed. I couldn´t be more satisfied. I highly recommend his top professional servis! Thank you very much, Atman!"

- DAVA - Vaclav (Czech Republic)

"I'm really happy that I hired Atman to mix and master my song! I would definitely recommend working with him. I'm new to getting my songs mixed and mastered, so I asked a lot of questions, and Atman was very kind the whole time and helped me where he could. I will def work with Atman again!"

- Asteria From Mars (Germany)

"This seller is definitely one I will be working with in the future. He has profound communication skills, super friendly, and really puts his drive and effort into working with you and making you feel like your project is important to him as well. Atman is very proficient in replicating your desired outcome with your mix. Top seller, top guy, what more is there to say. Definitely knows his way around audio editing."

- Zeefps (UK)

"This man is a talented craftsmanship about his work and he never fails, because he never gives up. He always listens, makes the buyer feel comfortable and in control, and he seems like a nice person as well. I have returned to his service time and time again, I will be back soon. 5/5 every time."

- Boonkers (Sweden)

"Atman is extremely talented! This is my second time using him to mix my songs and I feel that his quality and communication is impeccable. I love how he made me feel that my projects were always first priority."

- K J Leger (US)

"Man, I had tears in my eyes after listening to his work on my music, his work gave soul to my music. I don't know what to say honestly, he's a living legend!"

- Khayek (US, India)

"Absolutely amazed at the results he did with this track. Will continue to work with him on future projects. Many Thanks."

- Dr. Lincoln (UK)